7 Ways to Delight Your Clients & Get Great Reviews

It’s one thing to meet your customers’ expectations. It’s something else to exceed them. If you want to make a strong impression, think of ways to over-deliver on your promises. Here are seven ways to delight your clients and get great reviews.

1 Create highly customised proposals.

Many businesses deliver work that’s ordinary. By doing a little research into your client’s unique needs, it’s possible to come up with a more relevant and personalised approach. Make sure you know the client’s industry, unique interests, and particular their needs. If you’re building a website for a client, for example, consider what kind of customers they’re trying to reach. Research the most successful websites in that industry. No matter what type of product or service you offer, offer a personalised rather than a generic approach.

2 Use an efficient CRM system.

Customers contacting businesses are conditioned these days to expect long wait times and lacklustre service. Installing a quality CRM (customer relationship management) system or upgrading your current system helps to mitigate this issue. For example, a CRM system stores customer information so each time they call, you don’t have to extract their life story all over again. Simply saving a client five minutes on the phone or during a live chat is a way to make a powerful impression and to set your business apart.

3 Deliver work ahead of schedule.

Customers expect you to deliver work just before the deadline. It’s also fairly common for projects to run behind schedule, with some predictable excuses. It’s refreshing when a project is delivered ahead of schedule. This requires good planning, organisation of the constituent elements and an accurate understanding of how long a project will take you to complete. Another tip is to leave yourself extra time when scheduling. If you think something will take you a week, estimate 10 days. This makes it easier to finish ahead of schedule and leave clients pleasantly surprised.

4 Add unexpected bonuses.

Customers expect you to charge them for every product or service. They also expect upsells. It’s not very common to offer unadvertised bonuses. People appreciate this type of gesture, even when it’s something small. Stores or dealerships that serve refreshments to customers understand this principle. Service-based businesses can do comparable things, such as including an extra service without charging or providing a gift certificate or coupon for something the customer can use.

5 Send personalised greetings.

Many businesses send out automated holiday or birthday greetings. Take this a step further and send a personal email or even small gift to help clients celebrate special days or accomplishments. One way to learn about such occasions is to connect with them on LinkedIn and pay attention to notices about anniversaries, new positions, and accomplishments. Record this information in your CRM system and implement a process to acknowledge a client’s personal milestones.

6 Make sure your customer service is consistent.

One problem that afflicts many businesses is inconsistent customer support. Too often, the customer’s experience depends on which employee he or she deals with. It’s essential to provide solid training to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to customer service. Provide ongoing customer service training, with frequent assessments on how employees are measuring up. This includes how to talk to clients and what services to provide. Requesting client feedback after a sale helps you to see how you’re doing.

7 Follow up to ensure satisfaction.

Don’t wait for questions or complaints. Always provide follow-up calls or emails to make sure everything is going well. Ask the client if he or she has any problems or isn’t clear about anything. This is a powerful way to show that you care. It also helps you identify issues that clients might not have bothered to bring to your attention if you hadn’t asked.

Your goal is to amaze and delight your clients so that they willingly share their experience with others. Word of mouth – social proof – is still the strongest source of future business. Nurture an in-house culture of exceeding expectations and your business will realise the benefits.

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