A Day in the Life – 2027

In the song, A Day in the Life, the Beatles sing of burnt toast, missed buses, and a death at a red traffic light. A day in the life in 2027 might be vastly different.

It’s five AM on a weekday morning. The furnace in your house kicks on & raises the temperature in your house to a comfortable 22°. The coffee pot starts to brew your coffee. At 5:45 the lights in your room slowly brighten as music swells in the room. By six, you’re in the shower that is preprogrammed to the temperature you prefer. In the kitchen, the toaster starts to toast. By the time you enter the kitchen, your toast and coffee are ready.

With a touch of a button, the interior of your car warms up and out the door you go. The door of the house locks behind you and your furnace powers down to a lower temperature. Your vacuum cleaner begins its daily cleaning routine on your floors.

Your self-driving electric car connects to the smart city grid to find the quickest way to the office. It charges itself along the way using the friction between your tires and the road. The traffic light senses you are the only car nearing the intersection and the light turns green to speed you on your way.

On your way to work, your smartphone updates you on your schedule and reads your email to you.

Your fridge sends you a notification that you are out of certain grocery items and lets you know it has notified your local grocery store, and drone delivery is scheduled for later that afternoon. Your stove suggests a meal for the evening, and after you approve, it adds needed items to your grocery list.

When you leave the office for the day, your car notifies your house that you are on the way home. The house turns up the heat & notifies the drone to deliver the groceries.

You stop on the way home for a bottle of wine. Walk into the store, select your wine and walk out. Your debit card notifies you that you have been charged for the wine.

You go out for the evening to meet friends and even though the bar is 250 miles away, it only takes you a half an hour to get there.

Sound like a fantasy?

Some version of everything above is available or in the works now.

  • The Nest and the appliances that work with Nest can run your home.
  • The June Intelligent Oven lets you control your oven from anywhere with your iPad or iPhone. You can monitor cooking progress through a built-in HD camera, and June will notify you when your meal is ready. Using the camera, June identifies the food, weighs it, recommends cooking time, and offers recipes. It will add recipes to your calendar and create a shopping list.
  • An LG Smart Fridge has a Windows 10 21.5-inch touchscreen on the door. Knock on the screen, and it becomes clear so you can see into the fridge without opening the door. There is a camera on the inside of the fridge that is accessible from a smartphone app so you can check what’s in the fridge from a grocery store.
  • There are Internet-connected bot vacs available now.
  • Amazon has completed its first drone delivery. 7-Eleven Slurpees are being delivered in Nevada.
  • Amazon Go is a checkout free store being beta tested in Seattle.
  • Self-driving cars are being tested by different companies.
  • Smart cities are being developed around the world.
  • Hi-tech roadways that recharge cars are being tested in the UK.
  • Hyperloop trains are being tested in the desert.

No matter what it’s really like, a day in the life 2027 will be very different from a day in the life 2017.

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