If you’re an SME, make sure your IT strategy syncs perfectly with your business strategy.

About This Solution | Your IT Partner

This Solution is an Australian IT solutions partner and managed services specialist with national reach.

The company was founded in 2000 by technology innovator and entrepreneur, Paul Azad. Paul provides thought leadership to deliver ‘big systems’ infrastructure to small and medium sized businesses that brings value to our clients.

This Solution currently manages over 400 sites nationally and our service desk processes over 80,000 calls per annum with resources in place to consistently build and expand along with our growing client portfolio.

As a result, our management team places a substantial emphasis on customer service and responsiveness – two principles that we believe are crucial to being an industry leading IT solutions provider.

This Solution | Strategy, Design & Delivery of IT and Managed Services


Our services push boundaries, are cutting-edge, completely reliable and hassle-free. We build, manage, maintain and enhance your complete IT Systems. Continual service improvement is the key to success in the long term.

Our Vision

Helping SMEs globally to do what they do best by empowering them through innovative technology.

  • Paul Azad
    Paul AzadEnterprise Architect

    Paul is the director and enterprise architect of This Solution. Paul combines out of the box thinking, thought leadership and a long career in IT to deliver best practice outcomes for our clients.

    Energetic, likeable and smarter than 10 techies lined up end-to-end, Paul is our resident mad professor; always tinkering with something new and exciting beneath his NASA-like screen array. In truth, he is the visionary engine which drives This Solution and is responsible for many of the bleeding edge innovations that have allowed our clients to push their businesses forward.


    Here are a few questions we asked Paul.

    What path brought you to this business?

    I was working for a small MSP and felt there was a better way of looking after IT. All we were doing was fixing issues, not looking at ways to really empower customers.

    What do you have a real knack for professionally?

    Looking at complex business issues and designing technology solutions that not only fix the issue, but also improve the organisation.

    What’s the one kind of problem you’re great at solving?

    I love problems that are not straightforward; problems that others have walked away from because they were ‘too hard’ or too expensive to fix.

    What are you passionate about professionally?

    I love strategizing solutions for businesses and applying technology (of the bleeding-edge variety) to improve the way they do business.

    What are you passionate about personally?

    I think it’s critical to enjoy life and having fun. I love supercars and spend many weekends going from dealership to dealership looking at supercars with my son. I think it’s rubbed off on him!

    What’s your favourite way to spend an afternoon or weekend?

    As geeky as it sounds, I love playing with technology – making it do things that others haven’t thought of.

    Any sports you love and why?

    I took up Karate in 2013 to have a sport activity in common with our son, but since then I have really enjoyed the physical and mental challenge it takes me on. I am determined to get my black belt.

    Any charities, volunteer groups or groups you’re engaged with or admire?

    Over the years we have helped Assistance Dogs Australia. It’s similar to the guide dogs but isn’t as well known. I like the way it changes people’s lives, especially kids.

    How long have you been in this industry?

    Like a lot of tech heads, I started my love affair with IT back when I was a kid. I got my first computer, the Commodore 128, when I was nine. I remember asking a relative who was moving to Australia from the UK to bring with him an Amstrad PPC512 back in 1989. It was pretty much a first generation laptop of the time! It used 10 C-cell batteries, weighed a tonne and would only last about 2 hours on battery power. Even 27 years ago I thought the way I do today. I would play with technology when it was at the bleeding edge because once it was mainstream it felt sooo yesterday!

    Amstrad PPC512 | This Solution

    Where did you grow up and why are you no longer there?

    I have grown up and lived all around the world. I have been enrolled in 42 different schools across Australia and the UK! I guess maybe this has something to do with the warp speed that I do everything!

    What can’t you give up?

    Being online. 100’s of times a day I find myself on Google researching something I have come across and to see if I can apply technology to make it better!

    What do people find irritating about you?

    That I do everything at 1,000 miles an hour. Most people find it difficult to keep up with me, so I spend a lot of my time when I am around others re-thinking what I’m about to say so it comes out at only 200 miles an hour!

  • Anton Koller
    Anton KollerNational Operations Manager

    Anton is a highly accomplished business and operations manager. His ability to streamline activity and boost productivity through staff development is unique and sets the This Solution team apart from other providers in this space.

    He also happens to be a trainspotter of the aviation variety – rattling off suspicious terms about a plane’s specs and approach configuration whenever one flies overhead. An accomplished aircraft builder and pilot of the RC kind, Anton applies his precise and analytical thinking to both work and pleasure (probably in his sleep, too).

    Here are some questions we asked Anton.

    What path brought you to this business?

    I have a passion for business, people and technology. I love the challenge of trying to mesh all of these together to create a work environment where the customer is the focus and we provide high levels of service in a way that works for our customers.

    What do you have a real knack for professionally?

    I am able to look at and analyse a situation and come up with a workable solution quickly that balances the needs of our business, our people and our customers. I love the challenge of always doing things well, looking for ways to do things better. I love to understand the people I work with and see how I can partner with them to try and assist them achieve their goals. Life is about balance at work and out of work. We have to work hard but also make sure we enjoy life with things we like doing, with friends and with family. Life is too short not to have fun.

    What’s the one kind of problem you’re great at solving?

    Any sort of problem. Our clients’ need change constantly. The challenge of delivering support in a dynamic environment is extremely rewarding. Working with a team of people to achieve these successes and seeing the wins we strike up is what motivates me. Our success comes through the drive and the ideas of our people.

    What are you passionate about professionally?

    Applying principles of one-minute management and situational leadership in everything I do personally. It works in both business and in life to produce a balanced personality. I also love building a business that is about partnerships with clients and our internal team – framed within a balanced scorecard methodology. Everything is about win-win.

    What are you passionate about personally?

    Aviation, aviation and more aviation. Oh and then there is family, kids and friends. 😉

    What’s your favourite way to spend an afternoon or weekend?

    I love spending time with my kids, catching up with mates and flying my model planes and jets. I also love to teach people to fly model planes. I spend a lot of my Saturdays introducing visitors to aero modeling and then giving them a fly of one of my planes.

    Any sports you love and why?

    T20 cricket. I’m starting to enjoy soccer, too. I came out of retirement at 40 to play cricket with my son and ended up playing five seasons with him.

    How long have you been in this industry?

    I have been in this industry for almost four years but have been involved in QSR (quick service restaurants) for 10 years prior. The skills and knowledge I am working at delivering here have come from my time in QSR. It has taught me that a successful business is built on its people and empowering them to succeed.

    What can’t you give up?

    Anything to do with aviation. Outside of work, I eat, breathe and sleep aviation. Whether it is flying RC model aircraft, watching Red Bull Air Racing, attending air shows or even hiring an aircraft for a fly, I love aviation!

QSR Services
With over 12 years of experience in QSR Solutions and 370+ sites nationally, we can tailor a specific package to suit your needs.
Service Desk 24/7
Onsite Support
Offsite Support
POS repairs
Asset Management
Vendor Management
Solution Architect
Managed Services
This Solution provides three different managed service packages for clients across Australia.
ProLite | Pro | ProPlus
Business Voice
Flat fee structure
Australia-wide service
24/7 support
Premise Security
We work to understand your requirements then construct a clear and actionable plan to deliver.
Cutting-edge IP-based CCTV
Fully-monitored alarm systems
Accessible from anywhere

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Industry-Leading Clients

This Solution | Hungry JacksThis Solution provide complete support, from EFTPOS PINpads, to receipt printers as well as hardware repairs and inventory management. This Solution had effectively 5 business days to order, configure and test IT/POS equipment before shipment to Hinkler in Queensland. Under normal circumstances we plan installs 25-30 days out. Our capacity planning and project management methods allowed for contingencies to meet the client’s demands with no compromise to our service delivery for other customers. Read Testimonial

This Solution - KFCHelping the KFC franchisees, This Solution provides both remote support and on site technicians wherever and whenever required to ensure that the restaurant’s POS systems are available for continuous operation. Read Testimonial

This Solution - Silver Top TaxiWith no internal IT staff, This Solution provide a fully outsourced IT support package to keep their time critical system up 24×7. This Solution helped bring Silvertop Taxis back up from the destruction after a fire gutted their office in Collingwood. With our assistance in planning and implementation, they were able to have data communicating between their cars and new temporary office within 8 hours. From here we were able to aid in rebuild the network of IT infrastructure to allow the business to trade normally and continue to grow. Read Testimonial

This Solution - Premier CabsAiding the internal staff, This Solution provide an outsourced IT support package to keep their time critical system up 24×7. This Solution were recommended to review the IT infrastructure that was supporting their core business. On evaluating the existing system, This Solution designed and implemented a fully virtualised platform that has allowed the business to increase their IT power while reducing their expenditure. Read Testimonial

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