Why more businesses are choosing IPeV technology over VoIP

Think back to the time we didn’t have Skype or Viber to call friends, family or colleagues abroad – what choices did we have? We had to call overseas using a regular phone, careful to keep call times to a minimum to avoid having to take out a loan just to pay the phone bill.

Thankfully, the technology evolved to introduce VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, and with it came Skype, Viber and a fleet of cheap internet-based calling methods. It was a huge cost-saver, and great for personal use but unfortunately VoIP just couldn’t become a reliable solution for most businesses.

What was the problem with VoIP for businesses?

VoIP transmits phone calls over your digital IP network, instead of using the traditional wiring provided by phone companies. While as a technology it proved to be extremely effective, the traditional VoIP providers based their services completely reliant on the internet. If your internet is down – you can’t make or receive calls, and many businesses are too uncomfortable with this fact to ever adopt VoIP in its current form fully.

Any dependence on the Internet can’t guarantee the reliability and voice quality that the corporate world requires. For example, it may not be the end of the world if your call drops out while talking to a friend, but what if it was a potential customer on the line? It could have serious consequences to your business’ credibility and bottom line.

The introduction of IPeV

Businesses needed a solution which was as reliable as an ISDN connection over traditional phone lines, but as cost-effective as VoIP. To meet these needs, the tech-world developed a non-internet based, IP-enabled solution, IPeV (IP enabled Voice).

How does it work? IPeV utilises dedicated IP lines that are right at the user’s door step – but doesn’t need an internet connection to function. IPeV guarantees the voice quality over the call, while also cutting the costs to your businesses. And since it doesn’t rely on the internet to function, you cut your risk of downtime. This new advanced technology has been spearheaded by a few players in the industry, and a good IPeV provider will offer service- level agreements, and pro-actively monitor your IP lines for you.

Which solution is right for my business?

VoIP and IPeV are both cost-effective solutions. Their difference is mainly this – VoIP services are generally reliant on the internet, while IPeV services are not. If you plan to buy or replace your business telephone solution, make sure you ask your provider this: “Does this solution require the internet to work?”

If the answer is no, get it in writing so you won’t have to deal with any nasty surprises down the line.

If the answer is yes, consider the risk of call drop-outs and downtime associated with this option. You need a telephone system your staff and customers can rely on.

This Solution is one of Australia’s leading providers of IPeV technology and Managed Voice Services. If you’d like to find out more about non-internet based, IP-enabled voice solutions for your business – give Vishal a call on 1300 07 06 05.

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