Don’t just sell me something, solve my problem

Does your company currently enjoy any win-win business relationships?

As you would know, there are often relationships with suppliers, clients or others that just make sense – there’s an ease of communication, you have matching values, and both parties are passionate about success.

On the other hand, every business has also experienced a relationship that can be detrimental to one or both parties. The most maddening is when only one side can see benefits to the relationship.

The problem I’ve often seen in my industry is when large Telcos treat telephony systems as a commodity and try to sell as many systems and lines as possible to earn the largest commission.

This aggressive selling strategy is not right for the SME market, and misses the opportunity to meet individual requirements that is necessary to support SMEs. Furthermore, the ‘quick-sell then up-sell’ strategy often overlooks the importance of an SMEs future growth plan to deliver a long-term solution that is easily scalable.

Before you know it, you can find yourself locked in a four to five-year contract, paying for unused lines, unable to expand lines during peak hours, losing out on business and productivity – all the while your telecoms provider still enjoys their pay cheque.

Does this leave you wondering how you as an SME can avoid a win-lose relationship with your telephony provider?

It might be the time for you to explore beyond the traditionally large and mature telephony providers. Not all telephony providers are focused on aggressively selling you outdated and out-of-the-box systems!

Look for a service provider who:

  • Is solutions-focused rather than sales-focused;
  • Is experienced with the Australian SME market;
  • Asks about your organisation’s specific telephony requirements;
  • Can build a custom solution to accommodate your specific needs; and
  • Designs a solution that aligns with your growth plan and can evolve for your future needs.

A great business relationship balances the gains at both the sides. To find out more about a telephony service provider who can benefit your business with modern and customisable solutions, contact This Solution on 1300 07 06 05.

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