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When someone says ‘imagine the future’, we tend to see what’s been depicted in media throughout the past several decades. From Star Trek to the Fifth Element, we are shown food replicators, hologram rooms, teleporters, space colonies, and hover-everything.

Very few of the futurist writers for books or television from the 1920s to the 1980s would believe the amazing advances we’ve made in wireless technology.

While our robots aren’t up to Asimovian standards and we’re still working on Holodeck technology, our wireless drones are becoming truly superb and in the next ten years, you can expect to see them absolutely everywhere.

Drones vs Robots

Don’t get us wrong, robots are also on the rise. Police and private security agencies are already using harmless but indestructible security robots, and stores are using shelf-scanning robots to manage inventory-restocking duties.

However, we’re here to talk about drones: awesome little flying machines that can do everything from taking pictures to delivering dinner orders. Drones are the first step to our hover-car futures, and they’re a lot easier to fly.

Security Drones

The purpose of a security system is to watch areas that humans cannot, with more patience than any human can muster. A security camera is only as useful as its placement and every camera has a blind spot.

In large areas where it is impractical and overly expensive to place security cameras on the outer perimeter a human has been required to walk patrol, but no more! Security drones with wide view cameras can now fly a circuit around any property, through doors, and even move through access areas that would be impossible for a human to crawl through, allowing them to change zones without opening important security doors.

Delivery Drones

Like messenger birds in the pre-telephone eras, drones can carry anything attached to them within their weight limit and they’re getting stronger with each new model.

Experimentally, drones are already being used for minor deliveries but soon they will be the couriers of the future. From local restaurants to Amazon, companies will have fleets of their own delivery drones, ready to loose the moment a client makes a request.

You will need only to ask your smartphone for a USB adaptor or takeaway food and soon a drone will be flying through your window, or even politely taking the elevator, with your order.

Companion Drones

With the growing ability of AIs to help us and keep us company, why not put one on a drone?

Dog owners will use them as a third member of a Frisbee game and mothers will trust their camera-eyes to watch their children play outside without worry. You will see people doing their early morning jogging routes accompanied by their hovering, music-playing companions and executives dictating their emails to drone secretaries.

Medical Assistant Drones

The medical industry can use all the help they can get. Technology advancements are quickly adopted as soon as they’re confirmed safe and reliable.

In hospitals, they will act as both security and medical observation, and they will be trusted to provide a certain amount of in-home assistance to elderly but still independent seniors.

Sturdy, AI equipped drones may soon be assisting EMTs, both docked in and flying ahead of ambulances to aid with emergency situations. First responders will even use them to find and unearth survivors.

Drones are already incredibly versatile and capable machines, and with each passing year, they become more advanced. While they are not yet a common tool in business, it’s only a matter of time before many companies would consider themselves remiss not to have a fleet of drones.

Then, when everyone is used to stabilised rotor technology, it’ll be time for the hover cars…


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