For a Better Business, do one Thing a Day

Building a successful business is almost always the result of doing hundreds of little things well. All too often business owners we meet are looking for the big one magic bullet that will help to transform their businesses. In my years of experience of working with hundreds of business owners, I can tell you, there’s no such thing.

However, on the very positive side of things, there are dozens, in fact, hundreds, of small things you can do that will have a huge combined effect on your business!

We call these ‘Business Optimisers’.

You will already know many of these optimisers. The problem is not necessarily knowing what to do… it’s DOING IT. Actually implementing these optimisers is where business owners trip up.

The solution is simpler than you could imagine…

All you need to do is apply one thing, just one thing, every day for 12 months. Can you imagine the difference that would make?

If we only include working days of the week over 50 weeks, that’s 250 optimisers you’d apply to your business over the period of 12 months. WOW!

Just think how different your business would be with this kind of implementation. Even if all you did was apply one optimiser a week, you’d have 50 new things in your business working for you day in, day out. One overarching strategy could be that every day you’ll do something that will have an effect on the growth of your business.

That could be a personal note to a customer, or past customer. It could be a letter to a prospective client, customer or patient. Do you see what’s possible with this type of approach?

Simple Business Optimisers include:

  • Follow-up after every sale
  • A policy on time management (emails and phone, in particular)
  • Review and optimisation of existing sales process
  • Analysis of suppliers (to minimise ‘cost creep’)
  • Calling a good client, customer or patient to meet for lunch
  • Price increase
  • Review of debtor management
  • Adding a customer newsletter
  • Adding more ‘touch’ points with clients, customers or patients
  • And so on…

Some things will take a few minutes, others longer. But commit to applying at least one optimiser a week and your business will be unrecognisable in 12 months’ time!


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