How IT systems can determine if your staff stay or go

There is a very true saying “People leave people, not companies”. Whilst most people in business would agree that it’s a very true statement, many don’t know how to work on improving it.

The culture of any organisation is the key as  to how the staff within perform and how powerful the unit can become. It is really important that businesses look at everything that can impact the culture to make the work environment as appealing as possible. Google were famous in their early years for promoting their staff to work during business hours on side projects that were not actually part of their day to day ‘job’.

So how does this relate to staff staying or going because of the IT systems in place? It’s quite a simple yet powerful connection. IT systems are the core life line to any business today. Getting this heart beat as smooth and consistent as possible is key to the strength of the business. The issue is that staff become used to systems that don’t deliver – systems that not only effect the staff’s morale, but also effect the business’s bottom line. I am sure every business has hired staff and during their training said oh this system is supposed to do this, but you have to do that to get it to work. Or this system is really old and cumbersome but as management don’t use it, they don’t want to improve it.

You see the cost to replace or  improve these systems might seem expensive, but doing nothing actually in most cases will cost the business more. The big question is who in the business is the right person to make that decision? The right answer is normally no one. Many people in the business will have a stake in the decision, or will be impacted by the system but you see, that isn’t the issue. Everyone involved will have their motives, but these same people will generally their own agenda. In some cases, these are in synergy with the business, but in others they are not.

At the end of the day, for any relationship to be successful, be it a staff – business, parent – child, supplier – client and for the relationship to be self-perpetuating, the relationship has to be win – win. A lot of people in power believe a win – lose is a better relationship, but the fact is that anything but a win – win will very quickly become a loose – loose relationship.

The key is to reach out and bring in an external professional that understands your industry and more importantly understands that business’ desire to build an IT strategy to embrace the IT systems and create synergy in the company. The cost to do so might sound unreasonable but the cost to sit back and do nothing is even higher.

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