How to select an IT Service Provider

As an organisations grows, it is expected that it will either hire staff or outsource components of the business so that there is an ability to ensure focus is maintained on core business. Once the decision has been made to outsource IT service and support, the question that then arises is what to look for to ensure that the right Managed Service Provider is chosen?

Regardless of the industry your business is in, there are 5 areas that you should look at when choosing your IT service provider:

Understanding of your business
Look for a provider that is truly interested in understanding your business. Every business is unique in its own way. It is important that they understand what makes your business tick.

IT Strategy
There are many IT managed services providers in the marketplace.  One just needs to use their favourite search engine to see the list is endless. What is more difficult to find is a managed services provider that isn’t there just to fix what is broken. Finding a service provider that can work with your organisation to design your IT strategy and to deliver it so that your business is able to deliver at its best at all times.

Simple fixed costs
It’s not just your mobile phone bill that can be predictable. Look for a managed services provider that cannot only provide a predictable monthly bill, but can deliver value to your organisation.

A provider that has the technical and service delivery expertise and experience to support your organisation. From the simple issues, to the complex design work, they will help you grow.

Available when you need them
Although most businesses operate during normal business hours, look for a provider that is available outside of business hours. There might be an additional cost, but this will long be forgotten when you have delivered your report to your client on time.

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