What 5 questions should you ask your prospect MSP?

When an organisation is going to outsource IT service and support, it can seem like a daunting task. There is so much to cover off that we will split this discussion into two parts.

In part one, we will cover the questions.

  1. Where is Support Team located? and
  2. How long have you been in business?

Whilst in part two, we will cover off on the remaining 3 questions

  1. We are technical people. Will this be an issue?
  2. What will you do to understand my business?
  3. What services do you provide

There may be many main points and reasons that has lead the organisation into looking at either outsourcing for the first time or looking for a new provider and there will be concerns in making the move.

When looking for a managed services provider, it is critical that both organisations enter into the agreement with one objective in mind – what are we going to achieve. The agreement entered into must be a win-win for both parties. The client must win in that they have access to a resourceful team and their infrastructure is maintained whilst the service provider must win in that they need to be able to deliver a quality service and be financially covered. It is a partnership of synergies where both the provider and the client see value in what the agreement is delivering.

Before signing an agreement, there are 5 simple questions you should ask your prospective partner –

Where is your team located?
We all know the frustrations when we are trying to explain an issue. Small things can help ease these frustrations. This can include speaking to a professionally trained team that is located in your country. Knowing that if on-site assistance is required, there is somebody based locally who can assist.

How long have you been in business?
People will wonder why this is important? They are only here to fix the computers aren’t they? Well not quite. If you currently believe that all you need from your provider is to come in and fix what is broken, then you will miss out on the value of an experienced provider that has been doing this for a long time. Experienced providers will do more than just break-fix. They will help you build your IT Strategy. Just like your business plan shows you your business road map, your IT strategy is your IT road map of where your business is today and where you expect it to in the defined future.

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