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IT in a business can become inefficient and cumbersome. There are many vendors in the IT space and when a business engages with a technology solutions provider, it is a common mistake to treat that project as a single silo project. In today’s business world, there is one undisputed king – and that is data, your data! Harnessing your data will empower your business, but it can also devastate your business if your competitors get hold of your data.

Unfortunately most businesses don’t see the power in harnessing their data or those that do, struggle to be able to get their data into a usable form. You might think I am only talking about large businesses, but the truth is that data is power in an organisation of any size. How you analyse it and what you are able to mine out of it will help you identify if your current systems in place are adequate or not.

Time and time again we see  organisations who don’t see that bringing their data together will bring them additional knowledge of their clients, suppliers and also the vertical market they are living in.

You may have heard of the saying “The Single Source of Truth”. This is a very powerful yet simple theory regarding the practice of having all your data stem from 1 single source. If you have not heard  of it, I would strongly suggest doing more reading on this subject. Even in very large organisations, you will find that you can stem the source of your data from one source.  The trouble a lot of organisations have is that they have old legacy systems that are driving their business. Although these systems might be the pillar of the organisation, these same systems are in a lot of cases the barrier to information as well.

The practice of this theory ties directly in with the most effect way in utilising IT in any business. To eliminate these ineffective and inefficient silos, there needs to be an IT strategy developed for an organisation. The IT strategy must encompass the whole organisation and must be in total synergy with the business strategy. Realistically, it needs to be reviewed at least twice a year. Once you have what I call your ‘IT bible’, you can now design systems and solutions that are highly effective in delivering the required outcomes to support your business strategy. You will also find that the solutions will be more efficient in supporting the business. The third and equally critical component in delivering synergy in your IT is the delivery of the strategy. Without the well delivered solution, an organisation will still be in ‘dream land’.

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