How to maximise telephony benefits

Businesses tend to review their IT systems annually, where they find insights that improve and help grow their business. As this review is so beneficial, it begs the question, “Why is telephony also not reviewed?”

More often than not, an attitude of, “Why fix something that isn’t broken?” is taken. However, time and time again I have seen traditional PSTN and ISDN telephony systems at the core of many of businesses problems, which include:

  1. Expensive line rental and high call rates
  2. A phone system that isn’t easily scalable with your business growth
  3. CRMs are not kept up to date
  4. Internal communications are inefficient
  5. Traditional phones are location dependent
  6. Conference calls often require a separate system
  7. A lack of time to listen to voicemails

Because traditional phone systems exacerbate these problems, there is a clear need for a new telephony system can provide solutions to these problems.

When businesses do review their telephony, more and more Australian businesses are looking to the new system – business IP telephony, and finding that it solves those problems identified in their telephony review.
Specifically, business IP telephony:

  1. Lowers the cost of both the phone line and call rates.
  2. Doesn’t rely on physical copper phone lines to communicate, so you can efficiently add and reduce your capacity to match your demand.
  3. Integrates with your CRM, automatically updating which leads have been contacted, keeping your salespeople accountable to all their targets.
  4. Can contact anybody in your company with only one click, saving the need to dial or correspond back and forth over email when a two minute conversation would be more efficient.
  5. Allows you to use your phone anywhere that receives internet, such as a work number at home.
  6. Has the ability to hold conference calls, with people in and outside your business.
  7. Converts your voicemails into emails, so you can easily scan, respond to and prioritise your messages.

Given the benefits that business IP telephony can have on your company, isn’t it time you reviewed your telephony system? For guidance on that review get in touch with Vishal on 1300 07 06 05 to find out more.

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