Move to the cloud, or virtualise?

“You shouldn’t move to the cloud,” is a statement that many IT professionals think is crazy when making recommendations to organisations. And while the cloud is in fact the best option for many businesses, moving to the cloud isn’t the right option for every business. Every business is has different needs, resources and requirements, making their optimisation strategies different.

As such, every business needs to independently assess the decision to virtualise, upgrade host servers that are already hosted virtually or move to the cloud.

So what is the key to the decision on to which way to go?

The option most organisations evaluate against is the public cloud – so let’s consider the important points before you determine whether you should take the plunge to the cloud:


  •      You don’t have to outlay money for hardware
  •      Maintenance isn’t required
  •      Physical security of the infrastructure is managed for you
  •      Don’t need to worry about the electricity bills, or keeping the servers in an optimal cool environment
  •      You can easily deploy more virtual servers without worry about infrastructure capacity


  •      The availability of your servers is only as good as your internet connection
  •      You’re totally reliant on third parties for your data
  •      There is a point where the cost of putting your servers in the cloud will be more expensive than using local servers

When you look at these comparisons, you might be clear on which direction to go, yet for many businesses a hybrid solution of both local servers and the cloud allows you to get the best of both worlds.

It’s a question that we have answered many times over the past few years, both for ourselves and for our clients. In each case, getting to the best decision wasn’t simple and it changes as businesses and technology advances, which is why we recommend your IT Strategy is revisited twice a year.

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