Old-school telephony problems to leave in the past

With the emergence of revolutionary new technologies, SME business owners are being forced to rethink how they view the world of telephony systems.

Here are seven things that used to be true about telephony – and now aren’t!

  1. Switching providers involves a complete overhaul of my current technology infrastructure with a significant capital expense.
  2. I have to select my solution carefully because once the system is laid down, it can’t be altered after installation.
  3. It’s good practice to have a few additional unused lines as a buffer, just in case there’s a brief spike in calls.
  4. It’s impossible to add phones lines immediately to address increases in demand.
  5. I won’t have access to local support, because my service provider outsources it.
  6. Any after-sales support takes a standard 48 hours for a first response, and the overall resolution might take even longer.
  7. I am unable to choose a customisable solution specific to my business needs. I am limited by what my telephony service provider decides to sell me.

You’re probably thinking that telephony systems sound like a nightmare and we would tend to agree with you – if it wasn’t for the ground-breaking development made by modern day telephony service providers.

Many big telecom providers still stick to the old-school offering, so if you want to avoid the problems associated with outdated technology it’s important to know what to look for.

Modern IP-based telephony solutions are the way of the future. Check back next month for more on how modern telephony solutions are saving SMEs money and revolutionising how they do business.

If you can’t wait til next month, get in touch with Vishal on 1300 07 06 05 to find out more.

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