Is an outdated telephony system holding your company back?

Australia’s technology infrastructure for business has evolved over the past 20 years, yet land-line telephony hasn’t kept up with these advances. In fact, the vast majority of offers for business telephony by Telcos are outdated.

The outdated systems I’m referring to are PSTN and ISDN telephony systems, which haven’t kept up with the needs of modern business. To see why these systems aren’t meeting business needs, let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of these systems.

PSTN – Public Switch Telephone Network is the old analogue service.

Strength: It’s affordable, with inexpensive line rental and call costs.

Weakness: It lacks flexibility, as each line can only handle one call at a time and has no added features.

ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network are a newer digital system.

Strength: It has the flexibility to handle multiple lines, route inbound calls, use outbound caller ID and line hunt.

Weakness:  It’s unaffordable, with more expensive line rental and higher call costs.

Clearly PSTN lacks the evolution of features that Australian businesses require today, but that flexibility comes at a high price for ISDN users, which is currently the most popular choice for Australian businesses.

It has become clear that businesses need new telephony technology that is both affordable and flexible, which is why your business may benefit from the modern solution – IP telephony.

IP (Internet Protocol) telephony is the latest telephony technology that connects people, with a high call quality.

Strength: It combines and improves upon the flexibility of ISDN and is lower cost than PSTN. Furthermore, IP telephony brings many other benefits, including integration, collaboration, converting voicemail to email, smarter call routing and elastic capacity.

Weakness: Australian businesses are less aware of this solution and the advantages it brings.

I’m sure you’re familiar with IP technology – it relies on the same basic principles as Skype. While Skype was a mass consumer product, Business IP telephony is a high quality solution that delivers improved flexibility, lower cost and outstanding quality.

It is clear that Australia’s technology infrastructure is developing – the NBN for example is new infrastructure that improves the affordability and quality of IP telephony even further. To find out how IP telephony can lower your costs while increasing flexibility, get in touch with Vishal on 1300 07 06 05 

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