How to quickly solve telephony issues

Business telephony is no different to other forms of technology – whether it’s an integration error, hardware issues, or an outdated system, problems inevitably arise. Most of us accept this as a small cost of gaining better technology, however SME businesses often don’t have the internally capability and time to fix those problems effectively – leading to long lag times in getting systems back up and running causing unknown consequences for their business.

In my experience, I’ve seen many SME business leaders frustrated with what should be their support system when they can’t fix their problems internally. The problems I’ve encountered the most include:

Unattainable system installers
As phone systems are typically installed and kept for long periods, the contractor who designed, set-up and implemented your telephony system is more often than not ‘too busy’ with new projects to assist you put out your fires. Fires he may have helped spark!

Unverifiable independent contractors
If people can’t get any help from their installer, I’ve often seen frustrated business leaders turn to Google. The ability to find and verify the qualifications of an independent contractor can be difficult for those who aren’t in the know, particularly during a stressful event when you just want your phone system fixed! In my experience, even adequately qualified independent contractors are at a disadvantage as they will have no documentation of how your system was set up, and will lack the passwords for access – extending the time your businesses phones have been offline. Sometimes I wonder if their promise was made only to gain business!

Disinterested phone carriers
Given that you pay your carrier a monthly bill, you would expect all hands on deck when you encounter a problem? Well, unfortunately when you are locked into a long-term contract there is no strong incentive for these large corporations to assist you. It’s vital to remember that their goal is to reduce their operating costs.

On the rare occasion they are willing to help, they are most likely unaware of the system you’ve had installed by another provider. Your phone carrier won’t necessarily have had the training to understand the variety of systems available, let alone what you have installed. Unfortunately for you, when the issue isn’t on their end, it’s more than likely they will be of no help.

The large telcos fight hard for business, focus serving their largest clients, and make you pay through the nose. Small providers will keep you waiting as they manage selling and delivery, and end up taking ownership of neither. What Australian SME’s need is a total telephony solution provider who ensures you’re not invisible.

You need to find a provider who:

  •      Has the technical expertise to identify how to best structure your line set up – for when your business expands and contracts
  •      Documents set up process effectively and professionally
  •      Has a payment plan that gives you the service offerings (or sometimes better!) of a large telco without the premium fees
  •      Takes ownership for future issues by providing a support team when you need it most

All this is possible for SMEs that want to get the service they deserve. Known as ‘Managed Business Voice’, providers are now able to implement end-to-end solutions, work with you to choose the best options for your business size, and take accountability for future issues. If you’re ready to get ahead of the pack when it comes to having reliable business telephony, contact Vishal on 1300 07 06 05.

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