What’s so great about modern telephony?

Last month we talked about old school telephony problems you can safely leave in the past. Now we’re bringing you all the amazing advancements made in modern telephony.

If you’re thinking about installing a modern telephony system for your business, here are a few things you can get excited about.

  • Telephony is no longer dependent on circuit switching. The new technology means that your overall call capacity has increased exponentially.
  • Modern telephony systems can now easily integrate with a number of different applications to make handling inbound calls much easier, such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and Voice Logger.
  • Telephony today is so adaptive that you can make a call from your computer or on your mobile phone and have it look like it’s from a landline.
  • Modern telephony providers also deliver detailed reporting and analytics so you can make informed decisions about your business’ telephony performance and needs.

The benefits of modern telephony are best realised when you choose a vendor who can provide it as a part of Managed Technology Services. Why? Managed Technology Services providers work closely with you determine your business needs, take care of the set-up, and provide you with ongoing support. This means they can then guarantee you a high level of voice quality and almost 0% down time on your phone lines!

Why should I choose a Managed Technology Services provider for advanced telephony?

  1. Your call charges can straightaway be reduced by almost 75%.
  2. Your manpower cost to manage internal ICT can be reduced by almost 50% since the management is all taken care of by the provider at minimum cost.
  3. The advanced telephony is platform independent, meaning that you get ample scope to try the newest phone instruments with the latest designs and features.
  4. As your company grows and opens up new branches, the inter-branch communication is free, saving you another 5% of the telephony cost per branch.
  5. Your services are delivered through the modern and secure environment of private cloud. This means your initial capital expenditure to procure a legacy telecom infrastructure is zero. It also increases the security of your lines.
  6. The cost of integration and configuration will be reduced by more than 50% as most of the applications, like IVR, are configured very easily.
  7. There’s no overhead cost to ensure the efficiency of the telephony system.
  8. The detailed reporting and analytics availability provides in depth Business Intelligence to channel your resources in the most needed directions. It also helps the organizations remain agile and adaptive to sudden changes.

If you’re keen to reap the benefits of a modern telephony system, and want to bundle the benefits with a Managed Technology Services Provider, get in touch with Vishal on 1300 07 06 05 to find out more.

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