What’s your phone bill hiding from you?

When was the last time you reviewed your businesses’ telephone usage and capacity?

Is your response, “I look at my phone bill every month, isn’t that enough?” The answer is no, because phone bills only tell you a small part of the story, usually just about how many outbound calls you make. But what about all the other aspects of telephony? For example, if your business was consistently running out of available phone lines and couldn’t handle your inbound customers, you’d want to be aware, wouldn’t you? Or you’d want to know if you’re wasting money by paying for too many phone lines that are consistently being unused.

Telephony systems have evolved to a level where they are more insightful than ever before. But this insight is most often not shared with the businesses who use them. So you remain oblivious to the facts and figures that could lead to opportunities for major improvements down the road.

Why is reviewing your telephony usage so important?

It’s nothing new that businesses review almost all aspects of their operations periodically – so why should you overlook your telephony systems?

Telephony reviews are so valuable because they show you patterns and trends in your usage that can help you improve how you do business every day. Maybe you’re running out of available phone lines every peak hour, or you’re regularly wasting expenses on a number of phone lines that are completely unutilised. Once you’re armed with this information you’re immediately prompted to do something about it.

So what does a good telephony review look like? (Here’s a hint: It’s more than just a phone bill)

Like I said, all your phone bill tells you is the number of outbound calls that are being made by your organisation.
Here are a few questions any good telephony report should answer:;

  • What’s the real utilisation of your ISDN or PSTN lines?
  • How often are your lines idle for both inbound and outbound calls?
  • How often are your lines too busy to take inbound calls?

Many telephony providers don’t give you this kind of insight into their products or services. So how can you be expected to make informed decisions for your business’ future? Ensuring that you have the right capacity on your phone system is critical to your business success.

At This Solution, we regularly provide our clients with detailed, in-depth reports, so they can make the best decisions for their business’ future. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help drive your business into the future, get in touch with Vishal on 1300 07 06 05.

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