Why Small Business Should Outsource its IT

In any business, small or large, it’s important to balance the resources required and the cost of having them delivered. This is paramount in a small business, with the extra challenge of only requiring some of these resources for a fraction of the full-time equivalent.

Unfortunately, it’s quite common for small businesses not to view IT in this way, and on analysing the core reason for this, the answer is quite simple and frightening.

It comes down to the barrier to entry for IT professionals. It’s really low. I mean, everyone knows at least one self-proclaimed ‘IT guru’, right? A lot of these ‘gurus’, though, only have experience in a single or very small network environment – such as a home.

Unlike other professions such as marketing, accounting, architecture or even bookkeeping, when it comes to IT, a lot of small businesses fall into the trap of hiring a paper-qualified individual to be their in-house IT person.

There is no issue with these techs working for an MSP (Managed Service Provider); after all, they have to start somewhere, right? In these environments, though, these techs are reporting to a Service Delivery Manager; their ideas are being ‘sanity-checked’ and more importantly, their work receives some proper oversight. But when it comes to them working inside a business, well, the results are very scary.

Time and time again we see these small businesses exposed to huge and avoidable risk, and even worse, the managers of these companies are not aware of the dangers.

Another issue is the false economy of using an internal IT person. It’s quite common for an IT technician to be very busy all the time while achieving very little for the businesses. The simple reason is, most IT techs enjoy playing in IT, so when they’re a sole IT person for a small company, it’s very easy for them to get side tracked and forget the big picture.IT is just a tool that drives businesses.

Because after all is said and done, IT is just a tool for driving businesses. And the most efficient and cost-effective way to implement a tool is to put it in the hands of a dedicated and highly experienced professional.

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