You’re Fired. The Machines are Coming.

Do you like your job? That’s too bad. While you may be doing good work, there’s a competitor out there that can do it better, quicker, and cheaper. Your competitor? Machines.

It’s not just you, most of us are at risk of being replaced by robots in the next 25 years.

A recent study done by Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute did a survey of 352 academics and artificial intelligence experts to investigate when technology will catch up to humanity in several different occupations.

The Machines are Coming

The good news first, machines won’t take over all of humanity’s jobs for about 125 years. However, in the next ten years, artificial intelligence will take over translating different languages. AI will also be capable of writing at a high school level. Being bilingual may give some an edge now, but unfortunately, translators could be obsolete in a decade.

Have dreams of being a country western singing truck driver? Might want to change plans. AI is expected to have the knowledge to write top 40 popular songs and power self-driving semi-trucks. Here is a list of other professions that will be obsolete in the near future:

  • Bank Teller: obsolete in 7 years
  • Retail salesperson: obsolete in 14 years
  • Writer (including this writer): obsolete on 30 years
  • Mathematician: obsolete in 33 years
  • High-level engineers: 45 years
  • Artificial intelligence researcher: 83 years

Yes, artificial intelligence will eventually destroy the artificial intelligence researcher industry. Such irony.

Stressed out? Play a game…

Do these figures stress you out? Why not relax and play your favourite video or card game. Sadly, this won’t help. It’s projected that artificial intelligence will easily beat humans in a number of popular video games in the next few years.

Humans are going to start getting owned at Angry Birds in less than five years. Starcraft and Atari games will follow in less than 10. In fact, robots will not only be able to beat us at our own games, in 11 years, they’ll also be able to explain their own actions in games as well. They’ll be able to beat us while talking smack at the same time. Sad.

It’ll come sooner than you think.

Think you have some time to change before the robot invasion comes? I got more bad news. Technological innovations usually come earlier than anticipated. For example, it was anticipated that a computer wouldn’t beat humans at the popular Japanese strategy game of “Go” until 2027. It happened in 2015, seventeen years ahead of schedule. With high-tech innovators such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Evan Spiegel, count on it that the timeline moving faster than expected.

Just give up?

No. There is no argument that innovative technology has rocked the world and completely changed the economy. History shows that agriculture, industrialization, and the internet have completely changed the way we live and do business, the era of machines will be no different.

The rise of artificial intelligence may destroy many traditional jobs, but the new trend will also create a renaissance of high paying technology and programming jobs. In fact, a recent article from a reporter with the Financial Times spent 19 months inside a technology company recounting how software automation can help create new types of jobs.

The key to surviving the next industrial revolution is the same as the last ones. As a writer from Forbes states in an article, education is key. Basic IT courses will no longer become an elective; they must be mandatory. Employees in current industrial era jobs should work to become educated for this coming revolution. In fact, these new robot era jobs may be more lucrative.


Advances and changing dynamics in a capitalist economy are nothing new. Unfortunately, they are always painful for those who unprepared. Artificial intelligence is developing so rapidly that it’s not only taking our jobs, but it’s taking the fun out of our recreation. One resource that will help us beat the machines is This Solution, your partner in the cloud. They will help you and your company find your way through this generational transition. Reach out today.

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